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Growth Mindset Steampunk Figure Making Course with Philippa Nihot  

starts Sunday February 4th - Sunday March 25

This is possibly the best and worst of times to be a teenager. While there have been many gains for youth, our rapidly changing social, technological, cultural and global environment is affecting their wellbeing. Tweenagers are under pressure too... See Maggie Hamilton’s book “What’s Happening to our Girls?” No doubt, both males and female youth of today face the issues of over exposure, rapid change, the undermining of self-confidence, development and sexualisation at increasingly younger ages

Philippa Nihot has developed and delivered this program with great success to tweens and teenagers. However many school aged children no longer do art at school, and there are waiting lists to get into these purpose built programs if you’re lucky enough to have them at your school. So Lilly-Lee Gallery is proud to offer this 8 week program Growth Mindset Steampunk Figure Making Course

  • Encourages mindfulness, deeper thinking, peace of mind
  • To develop self-confidence, fine motor skills, curiosity, self-reflection and self-acceptance
  • Engage students in community and peer group activity through achievement of a multi modal creative task
  • To helps people learn how to express themselves through clothing and style
  • To create and experiment in a safe supportive environment
  • To share activities, share pursuits and passions
  • It’s fun, it’s inclusive and it may just be the self-accepting program that your teen child needs. 
  •  Spaces are limited, so full payment is required up front, and your child will need to attend on the 8 Sundays in term 1 to complete the program. 

There are no makeup classes available for this         bespoke course. 

Course Dates:

 Sunday 4th February 2018 - Sunday 25 March


    Call 3379 7828 

or email 

        to secure your place.